About CTS

About CTS

The CTS group consists of ten companies spread over eight countries and three regions – Europe, Asia and The Middle East. With over 40 years of experience in some of the world’s most aggressive environments from South America through Europe and the Middle East to Indonesia and Australia CTS has the deserved reputation for delivering high profile projects within budget and on time in the global stage.

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  • Corrosion Technology Services LLC (CTS) / Corrosion Technology Services Middle East LLC (CTSME)

    Corrosion Technology Services LLC and Corrosion Technology Services Middle East LLC form the focus of CTS operations in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.The primary business of the UAE office is the protection of oil, gas and water assets including pipelines, tanks and well casings. In addition, the company also has extensive experience in the protection of reinforced concrete structures and jetties. CTSME has a production workshop in Sharjah and sources materials from local suppliers and other group companies globally.The companies are approved by all major regional operating companies and regularly undertake projects with value in excess of $1 million and has directly handled projects values in excess of $5 million.
  • Wilson Walton Middle East Ltd (WWME)

    Wilson Walton Middle East LLC specializes in the protection and servicing of ICCP and antifouling systems for ships and design of sacrificial anode protection for ballast tanks etc. WWME and CTS have also supplied sacrificial anodes for a number of major subsea pipeline and offshore jackets.
  • Saudi Cathodic Protection Company Ltd (SCPC) (Formerly known as Corrpro Arabia (CACP))

    SCPC alongside SCPMC are the leading cathodic protection companies in Saudi Arabia. SCPC undertakes work on a wide range of industrial, oil and gas related projects and specializes in the design, consultancy and engineering of the protection of steel in concrete. Having undertaken several multimillion dollar contracts in this field over the past decade has led SCPC to have an unrivalled reputation in the region.
  • Saudi Cathodic Protection Manufacturing Company Ltd (SCPMC) (Formerly known as Corrpro Arabia (CAGEMCO))

    SCPMC specializes in the manufacture of materials and equipment for the cathodic protection industry. The company supplies magnesium and silicon iron anodes, junction boxes and transformer rectifier units. These are all assembled in the purpose built facility in Dammam where a QMS system to ISO 9001 is operational.
  • Corrosion & Technical Services. WLL (CATS)

    CATS is a long established company in Bahrain specializing in cathodic protection. CATS maintains a permanent engineering and support staff in the office which also includes a workshop where cathodic protection materials are assembled and maintained.CATS has carried out many of the major cathodic protection related contracts in Bahrain including pipelines, plant, jetties and wharves, as well as steel reinforcement in concrete in many bridges and sea water intakes.
  • Corrosion Technology Services India (PVT) Ltd (CTSIPL)

    CTS India has full design capability providing CTS products and services for the Indian subcontinent. Engineering design work is carried out in‐house. CTS India has been responsible for completion of major projects including jetties and pipelines and consultancy for cathodic protection systems in plant /
    terminal environments.
  • Corrosion Technology Services Europe Ltd

    CTS Europe (formerly known as Pipeline Maintenance Ltd – PML) is the regional headquarters for CTS operations in Europe and North Africa; with a track record spanning over four decades. CTS Europe provide cathodic protection design and engineering services, plus the supply of cathodic protection materials and equipment. The company specializes in the provision of Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) and DC Voltage Gradient (DCVG) buried pipeline surveys. The PML brand is recognized as a leading manufacturer of transformer rectifiers worldwide.